A Short Fiction: The Interview

“Hey you must be Cash,” she whisked in the the loggia of The Daily Grind coffee-house.

She shook his hand ceremoniously. He gave a vague nod and the corner of one side of his lips turned up.

“I took the liberty to order a head,” he said with authority. She didn’t bother to ask what

she was having. She took a seat the cold lattice work of the steel bench chilling her buttocks. He took note of her designer frames. A brand a bit beneath him, yet clearly an expense for her.

“So how long have you been in on the market?” He eyes her over and through the thickened end of his water glass. Distorting her features.

“Oh, I have been looking for about six months now. It’s a tough economy.” She mouthed.

He had a sudden pang of lust noting her swollen lips. He thought of his admin assistant.

The barista with an enormously looped bun atop her head, a nose-ring, lithe arms, tremendous breast and whale-tale tattoo delivered the mystery coffees with a pleasant “Here you go.” Cash’s eyes focused on her rear as she retreated to the coffee bar.

“Well as you know from my résumé. I received my degree at UCFCA in internet marketing, but feel very confident in the overlap of of internet marketing and brick-and-mortar marketing. They coalesce particularly now because of the transition that most business’ engaging in. That is capitalizing today on the internet. Specifically, in direct marketing with the use of email distribution, text, website traffic, social media blitz and so on, in lieu of tangible promotional materials. I am savvy with creating spreadsheets for analysis and feel comfortable directing others on my team to create pre- and post-campaign analytics. That way we can transition direct marketing for your store from antiquated methods such as: fliers, catalogs and newspaper: those old mediums are out of date.” She laughed. (Cash thought of his wife).

“I am familiar with audience tracking also. I can set that up and determine what works for the store. We can even look into customerization?” She probed, lifting an eyebrow.

He was on the hook. Cash wondered if Serena was any good in bed.

Serena took a sip of her coffee. It was a mediocre blend and cloying.

“Wow, you really know your stuff,” Cash did a one-eighty, as he was wont to do in conversation. He took the opportunity to turn the interview into his “good-guy” rant. (He had already decided to hire Serena prior to the interview: a fait accompli. Now he could talk about himself. He had already had her meticulously investigated and résumé scoured over prior to the unexceptional coffee). Thus the meeting this sunny and clear afternoon, moot. He conjunctively hoped maybe he could get her in the sack— in future. But that was later, right now he needed profits. And at this very moment he needed to build his reputation.

“You sound like you will be a great help, a good addition to the team. Business is down about 30% and we need someone like you to pump us up. Being the owner of the shop--You can’t imagine what it is like, my entire life is poured into this store— my livelihood in constant jeopardy and just a few missteps of some rogue employees risks the whole ship capsizing. I’ve struggled for years being the nice guy choosing not to fire, even when they aren’t pulling their dead weight. I’ve got a family to support you know, but some of these young bucks— my salesclerks don’t understand that. I keep them on board long after I should, well say most of my colleagues. I’ve got to toughen up and get resourceful to boost sales, other than relying on my salesclerks to drum up business. That’s why were here,” Cash mused.

Serena tipped the cup of her mediocre sickly sweet cup of joe taking in the dregs myopically viewing him, clearly. She knew it was bullshit.

Cash ran his manicured hands through his hair, “You’re hired” he succinctly stated. “You can meet with Sam my assistant” whom he was clearly banging on the side by the minute changes in his mien, “Monday morning 9 AM sharp and welcome aboard the ship.” With that he stood, all six feet of him, un-cranking his wiry but muscular legs and turned on his heels, spying the barista with tremendous breast slinging espressos as he left.

Serena stood up stretched her back, and was happy to have a job.